TestBash San Francisco 2019: TestBash Bug Hunt

The TestBash Bug Hunt is a fun game to play for those of us who might be a bit more introverted or perhaps just want to win a free 1 year Pro subscription to the Ministry of Testing website.

How Does It Work

  • Bugs with letters on them are hidden all around the venue
  • The aim of the game is to find all of the letters (Hint: on Day 1 there will be 13 and on Day 2 there will be 9)
  • The bug hunt will start from the first break so there won’t be bugs to find in the morning, when you arrive
  • The first person to find all of the letters AND decipher the word they represent will win a Pro Ministry of Testing subscription
  • Each day will bring a new set of bugs to find so it won’t be the same word on Day 2 as on Day 1
  • You can tweet your guesses using #TestBashBugHunt (It’s very important to use this so I can find the answers amongst all the social buzz) or add your guesses to #testbashusa Slack channel on the Ministry of Testing Slack