'I LOVE TESTBASH' - Learn How You Can Win a Ticket for TestBash UK 2023!

I’ve recently come across Tim Hayden’s profile on Instagram and how he created a global watch brand with his ‘I Love Your Story’ campaign and immediately thought: we could do something similar for TestBash UK 2023 and have a bit of fun with it as well as gift folks some tickets! Initially, I did ask Richard Bradshaw (BossBoss) to send me on a solo trip around the world to give tickets away and that was a straight ‘ergh…. no!’ :joy: - regardless, the ‘I Love TestBash’ campaign was born…

So how will it work?

On the 24th of May, from 5:30 pm onwards (Zurich time), Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham will be “somewhere” in Zurich waiting for the first person to come to them shouting ‘I LOVE TESTBASH’. They will go live on Twitter and LinkedIn at some point after 5:30 pm on the 24th of May and will announce 3 clues that will lead to their exact location in Zurich. The first person to come to them saying, or for more dramatic purposes, shouting ‘I LOVE TESTBASH’ will win a ticket to TestBash UK 2023! And maybe a drink with Mark and Richard too! :wink:

One week later, on the 31st of May, around lunchtime, I’ll be in Athens with Richard Bradshaw and will do exactly the same!

How can you get involved?

  • If you are local to Zurich or Athens, then make sure you keep an eye on the live announcements on Twitter and LinkedIn (by following us), get your best running shoes and be ready to start running as soon as you know where we’ll be!
  • If you are not local to Zurich or Athens, but you know someone who is, send them this and ask them to get their running shoes ready!

Of course, we’re not going to be at these places indefinitely, which means that if no one comes to us we will still give away the ticket to someone online who might have discovered where we are. So stay tuned with the live announcements on each of the days as we might give the ticket to someone online too!

I’m so looking forward to this! :grin:

Diana Dromey, EventBoss


Wow, this is awesome. Looking forward to it.


Love the idea! Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:


Will you be getting ready to find us?


Yes. But in online mode