Who fancies going for a run?

The TestBash run has always been part of the event and given my new found love of running I wanted to see if anyone who is attending TestBashUK would be interested in going for a run.

Bonus points if you are from the Liverpool area and you can suggest a route near the venue. I’m thinking either we meet the day before or the morning of day 1 of the event.

What do people think?

I’ve sadly injured myself so won’t be running. However, please use this thread to organise a run with other TB members if you still want to go.


I would love to run but I’m afraid I can’t bring running shoes :airplane: .

I already regret that I did not book the Eurostar :frowning: .

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I’ll drop you a message and give you a good idea for a run. I won’t join you though :wink:

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Nice one @testerfromliverpool I’d appreciate that

@mwinteringham I’d totally come for a run, it’s been a minute so I’m not sure how great I’d be :joy:

Okay, so the plan for the run is to meet outside the Titanic Hotel at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

I’m training for a 10k so I aim to run for 40 minutes at a slow pace. I’m thinking we will simply follow the waterfront for 20 minutes and then turn back. Meaning that if anyone wants to stop or take it slower, we can reconnect and head back to the conference afterwards.

So unfortunately, after taking on stride repeats for the first time, I’ve injured my leg. I was hoping it would be better by Wednesday but given I’m still in pain four days after training, I’m going to have to give the run a miss.

Given that the response has been a little quiet, I don’t think this is an issue. But if you would still like to run with a group, please feel free to use this thread to organise your run.

Genuinely gutted I can’t join. I’ve been working towards a TB run for a while now.

Thanks for this interesting information!

I would love to go for a run, my knees limit me to about 5 miles an hour though. So technically yes,but no :dotted_line_face: