TestBash UK 2023 Has Now More Than 200 Community Members

What an end to this week :grin:
I can’t contain my excitement to see that we are now over 200 attendees coming together in Liverpool on the 20th and 21st of September - that’s 40% of our goal achieved!!

We’re now getting closer and closer of getting 500 community members under one roof celebrating software testing, knowing each other, creating new connections and conversations…
Oh happy days!

Here are the current stats I would like to share:

  • Attendees: 202/500 (40%)
  • Days to go: 117
  • This time last year: we had a total of 95 attendees confirmed for TestBash UK 2022

What about you? Are you joining us at TestBash UK 2023? :grin:


I’m attending both days. :slight_smile:


Oh man, it would be very hard to convince my boss to send me to UK haha Looks really fun though!


Might be an interesting article: How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to | Ministry of Testing :wink:

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We are now 292 out of 500 attendees!!
Help us spread the word… share on social media you’re attending and convince your colleagues to go with you…

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super excited to go to test bash UK 2023. this is my first time and I can’t wait


Is there a way to know/see who’s coming to the Pre-bash meetup? :slight_smile:

Hi @kristof , not via our website I’m afraid… This is something Meetup.com offers, but we don’t.
Maybe you can ask publicly who’s going and see who answers?
For GDPR reasons I can’t tell you who has registered too I’m afraid.

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