TestBash World 2022 - Using Brain Science to Build Better Products by Melissa Fisher

In this talk, @melissafisher shares the knowledge that she has learnt about the brain and its impact on behaviour and how people think so that you can start asking more questions to build better products with people in mind.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions we didn’t get chance to answer

Suma Amreiz asked

Creating solid feedback loops is one of the most essential ways to create an environment where the product/service can continue to thrive, any tips on this?

Lilla Kovacs asked

How do you put yourself to the shoes of someone seeing your product the first time? as tester you see and use the product for the 1000th time, a diff experience

Paul Maxwell-Walters asked

Does valuing feeling still matter in areas where the product is “consumed” by other systems or where are set standards for interfaces i.e. testing an REST API?

Anonymous asked

What could be included in discussion at planning stage to test a project which is not started yet?


Chris Armstrong Tweet about Personas



Example of bad designs you could explore as a team:

Examples of good designs you could explore as a team:

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Hi here is a blog write up of x 10 emotional paths you can use when testing. The power of emotion driven testing | by Melissa Fisher | Jun, 2022 | Medium