Tester That's Excited to Continue Learning and Growing

Hey everyone, I’m Vern!

I’ve been in the development space for almost 2 years now. Started as a feature developer (mostly front-end), but knew very early that I wanted to get into test automation and architecting. I’ve worked at various range of companies, including a software engineering school, a financial services company, and now a couple different business opportunity platform companies. I’ve worked with automation in several languages including Java (which I’m currently using), C#, Python, and Ruby.

Currently, I’m a Software Engineer in Test, and can’t wait to continue learning and improving my skills so I can keep progressing in my career. I’m excited to be a part of and hopefully contribute to a wonderful community of amazing testers!



Hey @vern.kofford :wave:

Welcome to The Club :grin:

If you had to choose which programming language you prefer, which one would it be? I’ve experience with Java, C#, Matlab and R myself and hoping to delve into Python a bit this year.