Testers career path

Hello dears, what is the best career path for a tester? from lowest to highest level.


There is not really a lowest or highest.
Automation doesn’t mean it’s better then manual or test management.
You can be an insane manual tester which out scales a test manager easily.


you are right but as a standard what is the structure of the testing department? what is the career path for a tester?

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Depends on the tester and the companies that tester is a part of. My own path was pretty linear in that I started as a tester, moved to lead tester, dabbled in some automation, became a test team lead, and them moved into test team manager. That went a little sideways when I moved into my current role as a cross functional team manager, supporting a development unit of testers and devs rather than just testers.

I’ve known testers that have gone into project management, sales, development, automation, security, and management.

The role is open enough that you define what your ideal path would look like. Then it’s just a matter of finding the companies and managers that will support you along that path. If you can’t find them, then you look for peers and mentors to fill in the gaps. Best is subjective.


Hi @roger89,

I would recommend differentiating the role and the level. A level could go: Junior > Advanced > Senior > Staff. Roles could be: Tester, Automation Engineer, Lead, etc. So you can have a Senior Tester as well as a junior lead. These are all individual contributors - without hire/fire and staff responsibilities. That would be a separate role: the management track. To design a test department, I would recommend looking into Team Topologies.

Here are some links for you:

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