Testing Activity for a Group

I’ve recently transitioned from the software development land into more, IT software delivery.

We don’t have dedicated QA/Tester roles here and depend on the business end users for UAT.

Next week we’re conducting an off-site with business to cover out IT processes with regard to waterfall projects with 3rd party vendors and agile (sprint-based) projects.

I’m struggling to find/design an activity to do with the group to reinforce some testing concepts. I had hopes to conduct a session of Agile Jenga, but it isn’t methodology agnostic enough.

Looking for any input/suggestions on potential sctivities.

Concept - communication
Zendo - Isomorphism, inductive thinking, design of experiment, focus/defocus
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - communication, pairing, evolution of domain language
Set - pattern recognition, heuristics
Hanabi - communication, deduction, cooperation

Or one of my favourite testing activities…

Testing! You can focus on any testing concept you like when you’re testing. Reliability testing, user testing, testability, and so on.

One way could be to look at a scenario and try to come up with as many possible risks or risk ideas as you can. Bonus for anyone who comes up with something you didn’t already think of.

HTH, hopefully inspires something good.