Testing blockchain applications

I thought I’d create this topic for my Understanding Blockchain and Testing workshop on June 30 so I can answer questions and provide resources ahead of time for anyone who is interested. Blockchain technology is a new and fast-evolving topic, so I’m sure plenty of people are wondering exactly why, as testers, we need a workshop for such a niche subject.

As anyone who’s met me at tester meetups can confirm, I’m passionately convinced that the innovations around blockchain tech have the power to change fundamentally the way we store and access information. But working on a project with decentralised architecture brings specific challenges for testers and developers alike. I’m hoping that my workshop will help start the conversation, and prompt people to want to learn more.

I’d very much like to thank Tony and the Ministry of Testing family for asking me to run the workshop. If you’re thinking of attending but not yet convinced that it’s relevant to you, then post questions and comments here and let’s get the debate started!