Bitcoin, Wallets, Tokens - Anyone worked on testing sites that provide that service

Wondering if there is anyone with some good suggestions about testing a website built to trade bitcoin and tokens? I am covering what I would think is normal practise for a brand new product > API, ECP, Boundary, Docs, DB, Pos/Neg etc but what I am interested in is the weird ‘Spooky action at a distance’ kind of test cases?
Thoughts anyone???

I used this site to learn more about this interesting currency.

My go to person for this type of question is always @rhianlewis :grinning:

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we have a channel in the MoT slack where we talk about blockchain based tech the name is (surprise surprise) :slight_smile:

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Cheers mate for the heads up :+1:

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umm question? what’s MoT slack and how do I get there?

Hi Kim, Your suggestion to test in the usual way is of course correct. But with a trading website dealing with cryptocurrency, there are other things to test, and some of these will depend on what sort of trading is happening. Is it a decentralised exchange, or a centralised one? Is the software that runs the order book a plug-in or is it developed by the exchange? If it’s a centralised exchange with cold wallets belonging to the exchange provider, you would have to test the security of the wallet, for example. You would need to test extensively how individual trading and funding wallets work with users’ external wallets for different currencies, and figure out if the messaging and UX is adequate where there are delays and high fees on certain chains (eg Bitcoin). Does the mechanism for withdrawals increase the tx fee automatically etc? If you are also having to test the order matching, then that is a whole extra layer of complexity, to ensure that orders are filled in the correct order. You would also need to check the accuracy of charts and also test for behaviour when markets are suspended for whatever reason. Login security for individual users and use of two-factor proofs like emails (which Bittrex use) are also important. If you don’t already trade, it could also be worth setting up an account on an existing crypto exchange to see what features are offered as standard.

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Ministry of Test has its own Slack. I’m not sure what the invite link is - my turn to tag @heather_reid :smiley:

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Thank you Rhian this was very helpful in many ways and I spent most of the day just learning, then topped it off with a meeting with the devs who walked me through it.
Excellent day of learning :+1:

it’s this wonderful place!

I need to contact the workspace admin for an invite, would you know who that is? or send a DM to me if that doesn’t work :slight_smile: