Resource recommendations for gambling/betting/cryptocurrencies?


I’m looking for some good tools & resources about testing (manual and automation) in the gambling/gaming/fintech/blockchain/cryptocurrencies industries. Also, I’m looking for testing strategies, methodologies & approaches around these areas.

I’m a newbie on these topics, and I’d appreciate your help on this.

Keep in touch. Have a great day!

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Can you explain why you want to know this? How do you want to apply the knowledge?
I will not help to test and improve the exploitation of people by a ponzi scheme or else.
Maybe others too.


I’m new to these industries, and my job is going to test the products that the company develops. They work in the gambling/crypto industry

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These are very different industries so it is hard to provide something that fits all of them. One thing they share when they revolve around moving money around is that they all are heavily regulated. One resource for that is typically the governing bodies for these regulations and they usually employ independent test labs that are used to certify the compliance to these regulations. Some of these test labs will share their list of tests they will do and that can be a good source.


@arcigo I think the industry you’re working in, is moot to your question. In order to help answer what you’ve asked, ideally need to know what tech you’re going to be working with.

At a guess, with crypto and money, it’ll be heavily API based - which if the case there is a ton of helpful API resources available with MoT and TAU

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I also found seldom concrete tips for the products I test as they are typically uncommon ones. Being individual B2B products and not the x’th web shop.
Instead I apply general lessons of testing at the product and carved out the details by myself.

Also ask the team and the responsible what risks they see and what they find important. Quality is a value to a person.
When they hired you as newbie on the field they should give you an introduction to the product and technical details.

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Assuming that you are joining a team, who are building the apps, I would speak to the team and see what resources others are using.

Whatever the industry, I personally favour collaborative approaches to testing when I’m able to do so. You can learn more here:

It sounds like you could be working in regulated domains, so it’s likely your company will have some well defined processes and training to follow for key aspects of compliance. Pay attention to these.

If you want to get involved in Test Automation, and you don’t have a background in software development. You have two choices, either start with low/no code tools, or learn a language. If you want to go down the code route, you might benefit from classic software developer resources, such as Free Code Camp.

As for more domain specific stuff, it’s going to be about learning the local regulations in the areas of the world your company operates in. Europe has very different rules to the USA, for gambling and finance.

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Thanks for the resources, dude. I have experience with coding, but not with automation for blockchain/cryptos or gambling. Do you have resources about them?


None directly, but as others have said, software is software. Depending on the languages, frameworks and technologies the software is built on, and how much testability has been thought about, depends how you can approach testing and automating it

I don’t know of any specialist test Frameworks for automation of those domains. You and your team will need first figure out how to test in your context, and then how tools and code can help.

If there is a more specific answer, I don’t have it in afraid.


Thanks, guys! Let’s see what happens



Can you please connect with me and my Team At Testrig Technologies. I think I can help you with it.

I believe @al8xr can add some insights in blockchain, as for I believe he’s working/testing it!


For video game testing. The manual test work is like humping walls to find glitches but you can also do it more technical with tools like Cheat Engine.

A great video tutorial in the making is: (Playlist)

Cheat engine has a build-in tutorial, which can help you a lot. It’s also very fun to do!

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How you can help? What do you mean?

I’ll check it. Thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile:

Hi Armando,

It looks like @priti_testrig works for a testing services company. They are suggesting that you email them at the address they mention to continue the conversation. Of course, that’s up to you if you do that.

Hope that helps.


Is there a way to contact him (@al8xr )? I don’t want to send to him a message without any introduction

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I would send him a DM and introducing yourself in it :smiley: You can refer to this topic on the club if you’d like :slight_smile:


Thanks for the recommendation, @kristof ! :grinning: