Testing in a Domain-driven design environment

I recently started learning about DDD using Pluralsight courses, as it’s used in my soon to be new company. I understand the fundamentals and I get the general idea of when and why it would be beneficial to use that approach.

My question is, regarding testing within the DDD - is it any different? Any advice on this would be highly appreciated as I didn’t find many resources on DDD testing - a lot of blog posts I read about unit testing within DDD, and I’m interested in DDD testing as a whole. Especially from testers who worked with DDD.


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I stumbled upon a conference talk on this topic, quite insightful:

While it is good food for thought, a lot of the stuff he talks about already crossed my mind as pretty much self-explanatory - especially after being in testing for a few years and (recently) reading the Domain-Driven Design : Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software book, by Eric Evans.

In my current company, we have a weekly lunch and learn session, and right now we are reading the above mentioned ("The Blue Book") book again and discussing it amongst ourselves, which has has also helped me to getter better grasp of the DDD principles.

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Update: I’m doing research on this topic and I plan to blog about it. :nerd_face:

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