Testing input fields based on the daily mood

Testing inputs is a must in the Web World. I wanted to share somenthing that I noticed for me when doing input testing. I tend to test the inputs differently based on my daily mood

  • If I am in a good mood then I used an extension and the defaults that it provides ( almost no customization)
  • If I am a bit stressed and have not found any issues yet then I will generate custom data according to the context
  • If I am really stressed and want to make sure that “nothing” can destroy the system then I do a little bit of the charts and use my extremmes ( like - the naughtly list of strings)

How about you? Is your input testing game always on the same level?

P.S. - I made a small video for each of the above cases on my youtube channel but will only post/send then in case you are interested to see them.


My testing game is always on the same level, I will always use BLONS if I’m in a good or bad mood :slight_smile:

I won’t let my mood come between the product and quality I can provide.