Testing situations with a smile

Testing situations with a smile,
It’s not always easy, but it’s worthwhile.
When life throws challenges our way,
We can choose to face them with grace each day.

A smile can hide the fear within,
A strength that comes from deep within.
We can choose to see the positive side,
And find a way through the rough ride.

Sometimes the road may seem so long,
And the journey hard, the climb so strong.
But with a smile, we can face it all,
And rise above, never to fall.

For every test is a chance to grow,
To learn and change, to let ourselves glow.
And with a smile, we can light the way,
To a brighter, better tomorrow each day.

So let us test with a smile, my friend,
And meet each challenge until the end.
For with a smile, we can overcome,
And find the strength to carry on.