Testing strategies for a green field rewrite of the first slice of an existing monolith

Hello folks :wave:t2:

First let me start with some context:

We are just starting out a new project aiming to rebuild the first slice of our existing monolith. Our monolith has been shared by 6+ teams over the last few years and has produced challenges in teams moving at a good pace without breaking other features.

We took a shot at re-architecting the monolith but given the complexity, decided against it.

Question for the think tank

What would you do in such a situation where you have the opportunity to rewrite from the bottom up. Specifically what strategies have (or would) you used in the past that has worked for you ?

Some key areas that we are looking into regarding testing

  • Test data
  • Test environments
  • Observability
  • Deployment strategy
  • Traffic shadowing

Open to suggestions, recommendations and ideas :bulb: Thanks a lot :pray:t2:


I refer HTSM template and use it as a guideword to derive my strategy.

It covers a lot of ideas for things that we can unintentionally miss.

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