Testing topics feedback

Hi all,

So Dan and I have been busy working on the next iteration of the Clinic curriculum which will be known as the ‘Essentials’ curriculum (More on that in future posts). To get started we’ve taken a step back from working out what should be in the curriculum and have built a list of abstract(ish) topics that should cover the different skills and activities that a tester will be involved in. Essentially creating a map of skills a tester might have.

We’ve attempted to capture as close to an exhaustive list of topics, meaning it’s not tied to a specific role. We’re not expecting someone to have all these skills or experiences but the hope is once we have a robust list of topics we can then begin to connect them and see which are most strongly connected to other topics. We’ve also been engaging the community in various ways since January attempting to make this a community-driven effort and remove as much personal bias as possible.

So we’ve captured something below. It’s organised by primary and secondary topics, this helps to break down very abstract topics as well as help with the organisation of future content around the topics. I would very much like for you all to review and comment and join us in the discussion of how this topic list will look before we move onto relationships between topics.

Looking forward to your feedback!