Testing without requirements?

I would ask them if they are afraid to learn, willing to learn, as there are plenty of resources available.
They would have to start understanding some basics of testing.

  • Would the explorers stop exploring if they wouldn’t have a map, some specifications of where exactly to go, what exactly to find?
  • Would doctors stop investigating and experimenting when people with strange symptoms go to them and they don’t immediately know what’s happening?
  • Would a psychologist stop analyzing someone and trying to identify and help them identify the problems and solutions and say: I don’t understand you, what you want, need…
  • Would a food critic stop criticizing a restaurant if they are not described everything about the restaurant and food?
  • Would a developer stop developing if they don’t have all specifications?

Everyone explores, investigates, analyzes, is questioning, observes, infers, models, etc… empirically. And so do testers.

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