TestProject Pros/Cons

We’ve been demo-ing TestProject and have been liking what we see but am a bit surprised it’s not seen much air-time here. Can anyone here provide any pros / cons that they’ve found in working with this tool? Thanks!

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TestProject is actually owned by Tricentis.

It’s free for now, but they might want to monetize it in the future.

The problem is that it does not offer you any cross-browser cloud to run your tests on, you still need a BrowserStack or Sauce Labs subscription, which are not exactly cheap.

I would also do a POC with the following no-code automated testing solutions that include cross-browser clouds:


We did do a POC with TestProject a few months ago, but we didn’t pick it.

It would have been costly for us to use TestProject + BrowserStack or TestProject + Sauce Labs.

We ended up picking another solution from the above list, but I can’t tell you which one, because it might not be the right one for you.

Another reason was that TestProject was 2x times slower compared to the one we picked.


It’s free

It does not include a cross-browser cloud
It’s slower compared to other similar solutions
Might not be free forever (see what happened to Katalon Studio)

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Hi Morgan,

I’ve been a huge fan of TestProject for a while now. It’s great.

There are of course some trade offs as there are with any tool. I think codeless tools are generally more difficult for managing tests than coded options. Debugging is more tricky and test steps are probably not as clear as reading a selenium test for example.

API testing is possible but is limited at present.

It does have integration with Jenkins and an awesome API but CI/CD integration is limited as you can’t easily get the results of a test run without continuously calling the API.

It does however, have many great features.

  1. it’s super easy to write selenium and appium tests
  2. cross browser testing is possible out of the box
  3. you can integrate coded tests in Java, c# & python
  4. Reporting is awesome.
  5. loads of great addons to enhance functionality.
  6. Their support and docs are great.

Who knows what the future holds but tricentis have committed to TestProject being free forever. There are many companies embracing open source so I see no reason to doubt this.


Thank you so much for this! Quite helpful and agree - of course the tool you selected might not be the right choice for us. And I as well was a bit disappointed when Katalon rolled out a paid tool then took away features they’d insisted would remain free. I will share these with the team as we continue our investigation.

Hey Morgan - don’t worry about TestProject not being free - we have made a public promise to keep TestProject’s current plan free forever. We have many users who came to TestProject when Katalon changed their policies, so we value the importance of transparency with our customers.