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Thank you @mcgovernaine! :hugs:

I’m Karen from TestProject and we’re very happy to be supporting the awesome Ministry of Testing community :sparkles: I’d love to hear from you all and looking forward to many interesting discussions here :man_technologist:

So feel free to post your questions or thoughts anytime - I’m here :eyes:


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the introduction. Happy New Year!

Just checking, do you have a demo video of your product that highlights the features and their flows?



Hi @testervenkat,

Thank you for reaching out :blush: Happy New Year!
We have a bunch of “Getting Started” demo videos on our YouTube channel within this playlist.

In addition, we host weekly live demos every week (there’s one coming up tomorrow too!) - our events calendar gets updated on a daily basis, so definitely stay tuned for more dates coming up next week, as well as many other exciting webinars & trainings!

We’re also always available to schedule 1:1 dedicated demos at your convenience and tailor them to your exact automation testing needs. Feel free to reach out to me anytime :smiley:


Thanks Karen!

I will reach out to you for a 1-1 demo after I have gone through the resources that you have pointed to.



Sure thing :wink:
I’ll look forward to hearing from you! You can always reach out to me directly over email as well: