Tests Passing Locally but Failing on Linux Server After Login

Hello everyone,

I’m a junior tester, and I’ve encountered issue. When I run the scripts on my local machine, all tests pass without any problems. However, when I execute the same tests on a remote Linux machine, they fail. This failure consistently happens right after the login step.

Upon investigating the problem, I captured a screenshot during the execution on the Linux machine, and it displayed a blank page. It seems like the website isn’t rendering properly on this specific server. Notably, I don’t experience this issue when running the test locally on the same server.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem or has any insights on this?

Thank you in advance for your help.


@szczawik Hello, it sounds like it could be some network related issue from the Linux server itself. When it logs into your app, does it get redirected to some other domain? I would check whether that machine has the right access to it in case it’s being blocked.

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Whenever this happens you want to.
1 .step back from the problem itself and analyse what is different in terms of physical context
2. notice what is different in terms of the environment now (in this case a networking problem) and everything you can see. I call this the Sherlock Holmes mode, you are just observing and collecting as many facts as possible without judging them at all.
3. One by one eliminate all obvious causes and then test whatever your hypothesis is by manually executing the same test on “both” machines. Don’t execute the script either, do the steps.
4. something will fall out either an assumption in the script, or an assumption in the test setup fixture.

But from here, it looks like a network issue, but it could be any number of things, from the browser version to your proxy settings or cache that is the cause. Don’t go straight to the likely candidates, always eliminate all “impossibles” and learn.