TestSphere Roulette


I’ve launched a news MoT Podcast today called TestSphere Roulette where the guest will be discussing the topics of TestSphere cards randomly selected by a roulette wheel. Episode 1 went live today with @christovskia, @sheymouse and Rachel Sherratt.

Let me know what you think below.

I’ll be looking for guests for future episodes so if you’d like the opportunity to be on the pod, please fill in this form: TestSphere Roulette


What a great concept and format. Truly enjoyed listening to the first episode. Thanks for putting this in our ears @sjprior

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I take the courage and registred ! sounds great, It’s been long time I didn’t run it. I miss riskstorming sessions :smiley:


Thank you to those who have submitted. Episode 2 is already sorted but will be in touch for episode 3 and beyond :slight_smile:


Have guests sorted for ep3 & 4 now, let me know if you’re interested in being a part of later episodes…