Racket Roundup - May - June 2021

Welcome to a new monthly series that we’re going to be trialling. Racket roundup! (I couldn’t come up with a decent Tennis pun, suggestions accepted)

If you’ve not come across Racket before, the best way to describe it is as a micro-podding platform that allows you to record a podcast that is up to nine minutes long. Meaning there’s no time for fancy edits, you’ve just got to share!

The testing community has embraced Racket and there has been an explosion of ideas and stories from people. So this new series is a pick of a few that stood out to us that we recommend having a listen to and reflecting on.

If you’d like to learn more about Rackets and how to get setup, check out Simon’s thread on getting Rackets

This month’s Rackets:

@maaike.brinkhof who will be speaking at TestBash Home 2021 kicked off her Rackets with a reflection on feedback. Specifically, sharing a time in which she received feedback and how she reacted to it. It’s an interesting reflection and one I think a lot of us can relate to.

@testingmuse shares a great story about why Quality is pointless. I shan’t give the end of the story away, but you might not expect where it goes.

@bethtesterleeds kicked off a discussion reflecting on the first session of the ‘Become a 99 Minute Workshop instructor’ training cohort that is currently ongoing. A great chat, and useful feedback for if you’re considering on becoming an instructor in the future

Another fantastic person on Racket is @utchbe who has been sharing regularly. His Racket on Leadership philosophy is a great start. It’s short, but oh boy is it sweet!

It’s a podcasting platform, so of course, our resident Tester Island Disc’s host @neil had to take it over with another music-infused series of Rackets. In this first one, he sneaks in some big news before setting up his series of connecting music picks with testing. Definitely, one to check out!

What Rackets do you want to share?

What Rackets have you been listening to that you loved? Share them in here to help get the word out.


Here’s my racket - as promised:

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