Racket Roundup - July 2021

Has it really been a month already? Well, no it hasn’t. I posted the last roundup at the start of July, and immediately caused confusion around which month we were summarising, so from this point onwards, we’re doing end-of-month roundups! With that in mind, I’ve selected a few audio delights from the past month for your consideration. :loud_sound:

Did you know that Racket has recently added support for tags? They’re like hashtags on other platforms - you can use them to make your content easier to discover, especially among people who aren’t your followers. For example, if you add the tag “testing” to your Racket, it will automatically appear on Racket’s “testing” tag page - hint, this is a really good way of making your Rackets easy for me to find when compiling this roundup!

For more about getting started on Racket, check out Simon’s thread about our Monthly Racket Club.

This month’s Rackets:

@ckenst has joined Racket and is sharing some in-depth, practical advice about testing. In this Racket, he talks about building value into your test design, and why repeatability isn’t necessarily your goal.

Another newcomer to Racket is @kimberley, who has been dipping her toe into various aspects of the site. As well as sitting down for a chat with Lee Marshall, she’s given a reply to Lee’s volley (Racket’s open Q&A feature) about one thing she would like to change about our craft!

Another July debutant on Racket is @brijeshdeb, who has been answering a lot of volleys but has also begun to share his own content. In this Racket, he shares his experiences with managing The Test Chat community as an open, judgement-free space for testers to come together and talk.

@lgibbs has been replying to volleys regularly, but like Chris she’s also dropped some practical advice on interpreting heuristics to guide our testing, using scenarios which were inspired by using the TestSphere deck. (I think technically this Racket was recorded at the end of June, but seeing as Racket is steadfastly holding back from adding a date/time stamp to their pages, I’ll allow it!)

Is it an abuse of power if I share my own Rackets? I hope not, because I have a good reason! There’s a new search feature on Racket, which (just like tags) makes it much easier to discover new content. I ran a short exploratory testing session on the feature (there’s a video linked from the Racket transcript page) and then recorded a short audio piece to explain my major findings.

What Rackets do you want to share?

Heard anything good lately that you’d like to highlight for next month’s roundup? Feel free to post them below for consideration!