Would you be up for a Monthly Racket Club?

Hey everyone,

I’ve very much enjoyed recording Rackets with the testing community. It’s been a very interesting experiment and I’m encouraged by what happens every time:

  1. We both join “the studio” and have a pre-racket chat where we get to know each other
  2. We hit record and have 9 minutes to explore the topic we’ve agreed to discuss
  3. We stop recording, keep chatting and have a natural conversation about anything

Those three parts make for an amazing connection with someone in the community. I’m very grateful for that!

Now what’s very cool is to see a recent wave of testing folks join Racket. And soon – if not already – each of those people will have 10 followers to allow them to start recording Rackets with each other.

:bulb: So would you be interested in a monthly challenge to see what conversations we could start?

Connect and Racket with as many testing folks and explore as many topics as you like. Perhaps it’s eventually useful to narrow down on specific set of topics each month but I’m conscious of not racing ahead and seeing if there’s a good amount of people up for experimenting with this it’s simplest form.

I also imagine some sort of evolving mind map to visualise who has created a “Racket” with whom and on what topic. I think a visual representation of our connections and conversations would be interesting.

What do you think about all of this?


ps please follow the following testing folks on Racket:



I love that idea!! Just to show we can do better than the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon


Insane how many people started with Racket O.o I do really love all the rackets <3
Thank you for making them!


Haven’t seen a mobile app for though. Or am I missing something??

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oh this is cool! I’d never heard of it before now… Just joined :slight_smile:

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qualitycoach podcast is on racket too @qualitycoach | Racket


Excited to join that racket club and see all the testing community there with lots of great vibes.

I didn’t see a mobile app on it too as @pmichielsen said !


Just listened first racket from Stuart @testingdragon

Love the topic, conversations help testing. I learned more from conversations I had.

Just give the racket 100+ likes (well, as a tester I was wondering how many likes I can send to one racket :grin::rofl:)


Is racket to apple/podcasts like Vivo is to youtube?

I signed up as well and followed everybody from the MoT community:


Very much here for a racket club/community :smiley: Thanks for linking me. Finally got through the first racket, gonna try and post almost daily


I think my head might explode with the energy of everyone who is up for this! Amazing. I’ve gone on a follow mission for those who have joined since I posted this.

Exciting stuff!


Hooray, @hannahp ! And welcome to posting on The Club. It’s incredibly cool that you are here. I have fond memories of our chats (and your artwork) during the days of “Tuesday Night Testing”. :smiley:


Question to all the Racketeers: Isn’t posting daily a “huge” effort?
I was thinking of starting a racket but posting weekly or twice a week.

Posting daily might seen fun for the first week or 2 but afterwards it might become a heavy duty and you would get ‘burned out’ quicker?

Let me know how you guys are experiencing this after a week or 2 please XD


Is there a surprise here? :joy: Was this a tester at work?

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Also created my racket yesterday! Can you add me to the list? :slight_smile:


I’ve found the site works on my phone so plan to post one most days on one of my daily walks (I try to do before and after work each day). If it wasn’t for that time built in, I’d definitely find it more difficult to post regularly!

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Never too early to start…(kids these days are really knowledgeable and cool :rofl:)

I was really excited to see the 10+ followers who enabled me on racket recording.

So just picked up the phone, recorded and published. ( We failed three times from unstoppable laughing and interruptions around us).

It seems easy to start with minimal setup :wink:


I’m just starting to get involved on Racket (recorded my first one today!) and am really enjoying using it as a platform. Part of me wishes that our Racket profiles could have personalised RSS feeds so that we could follow/subscribe from wherever we consume our podcasts, but I totally understand Racket wanting to keep people on their site (and while it’s as clean a site as it is now, I’ve no real need to go elsewhere).

@kristof I’m going to aim for daily posts, mostly so that I can see if it’s achievable. I already spend 1-2hrs a month recording for Testers’ Island Discs (plus probably at least 3-4 hours of pre- and post-episode planning, write-ups, etc) so I’m hoping that, by comparison, these short (and mostly unplanned) recordings should feel like a breeze. I look forward to proving myself wrong :smiley:

Would love to jump onto someone else’s stream for a chat sometime!