Want to record a short chat with me about your 2020 TestBash Home experience?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I joined Ministry of Testing as a CommunityBoss. I enjoy a good 1-2-1 chat and am very keen to speak with more of the community to get to know you. So I thought, what better way to do that than experiment with Racket – a voice only recording tool that lets you record up to 9 minutes of chat. How cool!

So how about it? Would you be up for joining me on a Racket to share your thoughts about TestBash Home 2020? What was the experience like for you? What did you learn? Who did you connect with? Did you have a favourite moment? What surprised you? I have very fond memories of TestBash Home 2020 and maybe we use this opportunity to explore our memories together.

Head on over to my Calendly and pick a slot that works for you: Calendly - Simon Tomes

All you need is about 10 minutes, something to speak into and your TestBash Home 2020 memories. We’ll post the recording in various places across the Ministry of Testing Platform – like this thread! – and social platforms, like Twitter. I think this’ll be a nice way for the community to connect over shared and different experiences.

And tbh, it’ll just be great to chat with you. :smiley:

I look forward to connecting! :pray:


Get ready for the awesomest 9 minutes of your LIFE.


Get ready for the awesomest 9 minutes of your LIFE.

OH YES!!! I am ready. And thank you. :pray:t2:

booked you in calendly, if you’re still looking for volunteers to meet.

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Absolutely! Thanks, @davadora. Looking forward to our chat! :grinning:

I just booked :slight_smile: one week before the new test bash home :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @emna_ayadi! :raised_hands::smiley:

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Hey @undevelopedbruce , an absolute pleasure to make a racket with you! Community Reflections: TestBash Home w/ Bruce D'Legend | Racket

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Hooray! I got to make a racket with the following amazing folks:

  1. @bethtesterleeds >> Community Reflections: TestBash Home w/ Beth Marshall | Racket
  2. @undevelopedbruce >> Community Reflections: TestBash Home w/ Bruce D'Legend | Racket
  3. @cupcake_tester >> Community Reflections: TestBash Home w/ Jenna Charlton | Racket

I’ve loved every 3x9 minutes of it! And each time I got to have a pre-racket chat, racket chat and post-racket chat. :badminton:

It’s been a lovely way to connect with our amazing community. Thank you! :pray:


You too friend, it was super fun. Can’t believe how much I forgot about though! My memory is so hazy, I thought I’d been singing, but it was actually a demonic chant. How could I forget that. xD Luckily @antonella remembers more of the time than I do.

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I think it was reasonable to forget some stuff given you were 24-hour legendaring!