The Future of Test Automation with Alan Page

For our fifth session of TestBash Home 2021, @angryweasel takes to the stage to answer all of your questions about the future of test automation. From tooling to processes and beyond. You’ll drive the session with your questions!

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Tyler Hill
    Are there any simple but valuable ways to integrate AI/ML in our test arsenal?

  2. Chris Green Lots of software of the future will probably include AI, can you offer some insight on the future of automation when products have AI?

  3. Kim Engel What do you see as the drawbacks to developers owning testing, and what are some strategies to minimise those drawbacks?

  4. James Espie If developers are writing the ‘majority’ of automation… are there any parts are they still not writing? (or does majority really mean ‘all’)

  5. Zoltan Ertekes Where can you see the exploratory testing in Modern Testing? Who should do that?

  6. Chris Green Lots of software of the future will probably include AI, can you offer some insight on the future of automation when products have AI?

  7. Guna @alt_lv
    Question: how do you see the handling of the test design, analysis and bug advocacy

  8. Victor Araya Do you see QAs coaching Development Team to perform functional testing & automation ? is that something that companies will start adapting soon?

  9. João Proença When you look at the future of test automation do you predict that the activity of building / maintaining automated tests will become more or less effortful?

  10. Ralf Scherer what is your take on AI and test automation?

  11. Ben Dowen SDETS / QA Engineers who write Test Code ARE Developers, we are just shy of saying it. Thoughts?

  12. Ministry of Testing (MoT) If the pyramid is going to be the shape, will the labels need changing given we can unit test the UI for example?

  13. Nelson Gutierrez Tips and aspects that we need to take into account when we’re trying to figure out which automation tool and technique should we use?

  14. Michael Sturt-Joy If developers write tests is there not a risk to quality via a loss of independence and perspective?

  15. Risko Ruus
    Why would we need testers if every engineer should be a software craftsman who knows how to do all the steps of the software development & delivery lifecycle?

  16. Richard Forjoe What tools do you for see being game changers in the automation in testing space?

  17. Jason Hagglund What is your opinion of AI-driven UI automation and do you see it as a viable solution?

  18. Krishna Yadav The best approach for a company to implement automation where only manual testing is performed.

  19. Matthew Parker Can we just remove job roles/titles? Is there a cross functional world with groups of good technologists collaborating to deliver quality products?

  20. Ministry of Testing (MoT) Have you look into the standardised test cases? Where AI/ML tools run standardised tests based on the context it identifies? e.g. shopping cart.

  21. Christian Dabnor What do you find is the leading cause of tests not being written?

  22. avi arturovi what is the future of: 1. unit test automation (ML?), 2. UI/API test automation, and 3. E2E test automation?

  23. Risko Ruus Can we trust to build our test automation on top of commercial low-code/no-code automation solutions which are not open source in terms of business continuity?

  24. Bedford West How do you feel about the trend with tools & vendors toward “smart-selecting” elements with machine learning & visual detection?

  25. Tyler HillDo you agree that devs should be writing integration/end to end tests (alongside qa)?

  26. How do you counter the point of view that devs can’t test in order to get management to move towards modern testing (before the company gets left behind)?

  27. Richard Forjoe Do you mean developers taking over exploratory testing or purely automation in terms of checks?

  28. Richard Forjoe Why did you mention record playback tools coming back? :eyes:

  29. Jonathan Hope record and play tools in the past led to fragile tests. For modern record and play test tools, how do you see them handling frequent application code changes?

  30. Julia Shonka My devs are super reluctant to even automate their unit tests. How to light a fire under them?

  31. Nelson Gutierrez Can you share with us some recommendations that we need to take into account when we’re designing our automation test suite?

  32. Erin Hess What balance of Devs to QA resources do you feel is fair? I’ve been on teams where it was almost 1:1, and then 10:1. Is there a “sweet spot”?

  33. Brian King For legacy enterprise products, aside from fixing as you go. Is there any method to increase testability?

  34. Bedford West In the world where automation becomes a developer owned activity, what happens to SDETs/Test Engineers specialized in automation?

  35. Gustavo Rivera How do you do that with devs that are used to throw stuff over the wall and don’t usually make the effort to test their own stuff before “sending it to QA”

  36. Paul Naranja Do you see Devs also doing other non-functional testing such as Load/Performance, A11y, Security, etc.?

Resources mentioned

  1. Experiences In Modern Testing - Alan Page | MoT
  2. Alan also has a course on MoT on Modern Testing Introduction To Modern Testing - Alan Page | MoT
  3. The Philly talk - Testing without Testers (and other dumb ideas that sometimes | MoT
  4. book link : Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations (9781942788331): Forsgren PhD, Nicole, Humble, Jez, Kim, Gene: Books
  5. an article By Lisa " Pairing With Developers: A Guide For Testers" Pairing With Developers: A Guide For Testers | MoT
  6. Dungeons and Testing – Undeveloped Bruce
  8. Lisa & Janet’s book: Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (9780321534460): Crispin, Lisa, Gregory, Janet: Books
  9. Agile Testing fellow YT channel: Agile Testing Fellow - YouTube
  11. Join oneofthethree on Slack | Slack