The Numbers Behind The Community 2022

I was recently asked by our CommunityBoss, Simon, to provide an update that we can share with you all. I thought it would be good to share an update on how MoT supports the Community from a different perspective. A MoneyBoss perspective £$€.

I’ve often thought about how my role helps to support the MoT Community. I have no software testing experience, nor have I worked within the sector previously. My background and experience is in finance. So how do I, as MoneyBoss, support you as a member of the MoT Community?

First and foremost, I make sure you are paid for your time and contribution to MoT so that we can continue to support software testers around the world. Whether it be speaker fees for TestBash or an online event, article fees or panel discussions. Look out for my reminders so that you don’t miss out on your fee.

I help you when you want to set up your testers with a Pro Team Account, completing your supplier set up paperwork, processing your purchase orders and raising your invoices.

I help you gift Pro Accounts and make donations to the scholarship fund to help other members of the community. This is my favourite and genuinely brings me joy seeing you all supporting each other.

I also reimburse speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses as soon as possible after our events so that you are not out of pocket. Don’t forget to keep those pesky receipts for me.

Upon reflection, I support the Community behind the scenes in the best way I know how. Let’s see what that looks like in numbers.

In 2022 we have supported the MoT community in the following ways:

2022 Community Payments
Instructor Royalties £18,565
Article Fees £1,400
99 Min £1,510
AMA £450
Editing £612
Hosting £4,775
Note Takers £75
Panel Discussions £450
Podcast £3,940
Speaker Fees £14,024
Speaker Travel/Accommodation £15,028
Twitter Spaces £150

In addition to this, the community itself donated £9,970 to the scholarship fund. We have matched this meaning £19,940 has been donated all together in 2022. If you need support with Pro membership or attending any events you can email

So as we near the end of the year, it’s been great to look back on how I’ve supported the Community as MoneyBoss. I hope you all manage to have some rest and I look forward to supporting you further in 2023.

Sarah K - MoneyBoss


Hello nice invoice lady, thanks for the interesting stats, and happy holidays! :smiley: