Thank you for helping move the MoT Community forward – make the move work for you

I recently posted a blog post about your role in the community based on my 99 second talk at Test.bash(); 2021.

It reminded me that there are many ways for anyone in the community to get involved. And we’re all here to support you in a way that works for you, on your own terms, whilst helping us grow together.

Here are just some of the things you can do which help move the Ministry of Testing community forward.

  • Reply to a Ministry of Testing Tweet. For example, like this one. Or answer questions on the Ministry of Testing LinkedIn page.
  • Read an article on the Ministry of Testing platform, listen to a podcast and/or watch a talk (and share with others)
  • Start a thread on this Club, reply to a question, like a post/reply and flag items that might seem spammy
  • Amplify, congratulate and share someone else’s blog post or article with at least one other person
  • Put yourself forward to talk at an event, like a TestBash, AMA, Masterclass or Discussion
  • Share an idea with one of the Ministry of Testing team to co-create something together
  • Encourage a tool provider or company to sponsor events
  • Add a tool to the tool directory or post a job
  • Continue a conversation on the MoT Slack
  • Record a Racket with someone
  • Take a Bloggers Club challenge
  • Support your local meetup

These have community intentions in mind – a way of growing together instead of just for individual gain.

And if all this seems overwhelming, there really is no reason to do any of these. Dip in and out as this community will welcome you whenever. As Rosie Sherry reminds us, “Lurkers are people too.”

Thank you for being part of this forward-thinking community. :pray:

ps the above list is missing a load of things that happen in the community. I’m curious to know, what’s important to you and what is missing from the above list?


My favorite: Put stuff out there you miss yourself. Even if you don’t know half - everyone will learn


Thanks for sharing, @jesper. I’m a big fan of @fullsnacktester’s initiative.