The rise of JavaScript based automation frameworks

This may be re-hashing a topic that has been done to death, but I’m just interested in people’s thoughts.

Stats from sources such as NPM download trends, contributions to open source frameworks and general ‘noise’ in forums and stackoverflow for example seem to show a growing trend to moving away from Java and C# based frameworks (or bindings for tooling) and towards JavaScript based tools such as:

  • Cypress
  • Puppeteer
  • Playwright

Although these tools are not necessarily designed for the same purposes, I wondered if what this shift means.

Is it simply that the modern web has pushed so much formerly ‘back-end’ logic into the front end and newer tools that can hook into the DevTools protocol make this a more naturalistic way of automating browsers, without the use of ‘middle man’ technologies like WebDrivers?

Does this also mean an increased demand for QA’s with JavaScript skills because the rise of JS seems to be inexorable?


First off all, welcome to MoT! @steerpike

I also believe JavaScript is going to the top :stuck_out_tongue:
Postman also uses JS, I see JS popping up everywhere. I don’t mind to be honest I like it.

For here in Belgium, JS is becoming more and more popular and indeed a requirement for testers since there is a lot of Postman + Cypress combo’s out there.

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thank you @kristof !

Agreed, there seems to be a trend for e.g. single page apps with lots of code handled by JS that was previously delegated to more traditional back end code bases.

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