Threat Agents - A card game for threat modelling


I’m sharing a card game that I created for threat modelling called “Threat Agents”. It takes the principles of STRIDE and provides a structure and quirkiness to make it more accessible.

Whilst I got one copy properly manufactured for my own use at work, I don’t have any physical copies to sell but you can download the images for the cards plus instructions and a “defenders” sheet from here:

Threat modelling is a valuable exercise to identify vulnerabilities in your software and is also a great way to learn about your solution. However people can seem a little daunted by it. I was on my first time. With this game I hope to make it a little easier to get started in threat modelling and hopefully (even) more fun. If you aren’t familiar with threat modelling then there’s several wonderful talks on Ministry of Testing that I’d recommend checking out. (They are actually what got my interested in CyberSecurity)

Let me know what you think below.



Why would you open source this? I don’t understand much about this whole area, and find security rather hard when it comes to building and making practical checks, but that just sounds like a thing to jump on for people wanting to get into it all. Very cool.

Honestly, the work to sell it seemed a bit much as selling it at a decent price means I’d need to get a LOT of copies manufactured, stored and distributed when I just want to get my idea out there.

That all said, I’m pretty sure that whilst the CC license I used prohibits anyone reselling the game, it doesn’t stop me from making a commercial version down the line. So never say never! After all, Elevation of Privileges can be downloaded or you can buy a deck.

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I’ve added an online version to play remotely. It is very basic.

After mulling over feedback from @conrad.braam and a few others, I do hope to look at selling copies as I get the impression that people would prefer this to having to cobble together their own copies! (providing I can keep the price to under £20).


Wow I love this idea!! I will definitly spread the word​:wink::wink:
Btw. the online version is not properly displayed on my phone.
Good luck with this project and keep going​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Ah yeah - the remote version was made using the quickest method that I could find. Not very adaptable >_<
Hope to improve it!