Risk-Storming online

Looking for some advice.

Have recently run some Risk-Storming sessions for some squads. We are a remote first company so they’ve all been online using a Miro board.

Any suggestions how I can make them more interactive and more like an in person session?

I’ve been making use of break out rooms when possible and trying to drive discussions but always on the lookout for advice!

Thanks to Richard Bradshaw on twitter I am now aware of https://riskstormingonline.com/ which has the full quality aspect cards, rather than the cur down version I had made in Miro!


Hey Mark,
I’m not on the Club too often, though I’ll try my best to frequent here more often!
If you need any more info on RiskStorming and/or the online variant, let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard for the word!

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