How do you capture risks?

I recently enjoyed reading @darktelecom’s article on using risks to guide Exploratory Testing. I like the way it provides practical examples. It’s full of useful advice! Do check it out.

Got me thinking about how I would capture risks before capturing charters to explore. One approach a colleague and I developed — whilst working on a product called TestBuddy – was called “Risks and Questions”. It starts by capturing the value of the thing you’re about to test. Have a look at this YouTube video if you’re interested to learn more about the simple technique.

How about you – how do you capture risks? What do you do with them? What advice can you share when it comes to thinking in terms of risks and testing?


Thanks for mentioning @simon_tomes . I also be interested on knowing how others depict risks for their exploratory testing, if you follow a process or if it’s something mote unstructured.