Tool for network simulation and analysis

Hello, I am looking for a tool (or two tools) to simulate a bad internet network (i.e. a tool that can be used to make internet packets to be dropped or something) and a tool to analyze a network (i.e. to analyze the communication between two hosts, to figure out how often and where on the OSI layer a communication failed). Anyone has a recommendation?

The most basic way to do this is to use the network throttling option in the dev tools, where you could set up a custom speed or use a preset for example to simulate a slow 3G network.

Proxy tools like Fiddler and Charles also can do this for you. Maybe WireShark too.

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Thanks for the input, I need to check out Fiddler and Charles. Also, this is not related to any webpage testing , but just purely the communication of two hosts. No webpages involved …
So not sure if Fiddler or Charles is the right choice,

Wireshark for network analysis would be my choice.

For non-webpage testing as you describe I’ve had success with tools like clumsy on Windows, Wondershaper on Ubuntu/linux (which is a simpler wrapper around the traffic control, tc, command line tool) and the Network Link Conditioner for Mac.

More heavyweight solutions that work rather well once setup are things like WANem.


Network loss between devices on our local network is something that we regularly have to deal with.

I use Clumsy for most cases. This affects traffic coming in/out of a machine and has lots of customisation and filter options. When I’ve been wanting to test network loss between two devices without installing on devices in question (for example between two security cameras), we used to have a machine that ran FreeBSD plus ipfw/dummynet and we’d tweak pipes between VLANs. We also used scripts to vary factors over time to test a variety of things overnight. However that machine got chucked when we moved office so we replaced it with a TinyCore VM that acts as a router. We’d then change our network config on VMs/devices to route through the TinyCore VM and change rates on that. My colleague created the original VM for me so I’m not sure on everything required to set it up.


Not sure if it’s what you need, but I have used Fiddler in the past for this, I wrote how to use it here, hope it helps: Simulating Slow Network Connection For Testing - TestProject