Tools to automate desktop application installation process

Hi. Does anyone have tools to recommend that automate installation process for desktop applications on a user’s machine?

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Welcome back to the club Phoebe.

Um specifically what do you mean by that? Loads of companies sell tools to do this, it depends a lot on your business constraints. Most good tools start by ensuring the target machines are properly secured, is that a requirement? Are the target apps or platforms new or old, mac or windows or a wide spread of linuxes? Are we limited to desktops or do Chromebooks come into the requirement. Once you have a shopping list you might be able to do your own searches for a “price fit”.

Hope that starts you off on a good track.

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In a former life, we used Ranorex to automate the installation of our product on windows machines. The different installer GUI routes, (install, repair, remove etc) were separate tests and the installation was essentially a precondition (@BeforeAll) to any test: isProductInstalled();

Yeah many questions.

Is the application for Windows, Mac or a mobile device?

The biggest question is; Are you testing the installation process or is the installation a means to an end for something else?


Automation of application installation in terms of automated testing of the installation like as in test automation? Or in terms of scripted unattended automation of the installation? If the latter, many software applications come with option for a silent install using command line execution with some set of parameters, typically via MSI installers on Windows (not so sure about EXEs), there’s also similar thing for macOS *.pkg installers.

Automating the desktop application installation process can help streamline deployment and save time. Here are some popular tools for automating desktop application installation:

  • Chocolatey
  • Ninite
  • Ansible
  • PDQ Deploy
  • PowerShell
  • AutoIt

These tools offer different approaches to automating the desktop application installation process.

@priti_testrig what has your practical experience of Ninite and PDQ deploy been? I had never heard of the former to be honest.
“Agentless” tools are going to be very much a influence on choice I guess too, so that’s worth thinking about how will security work.