Who's doing desktop UI automation?

As I see a lot of the content here is focused on webpage testing and automation, I was wondering who is (still) doing automation for desktop applications?
While you’re at it, I’d like to know what technology your app is based on, and what toolstack you are running to execute your tests.

I’ll start:

  • .NET WPF apps
  • Ranorex for UI tests (C#)
  • Scripts for the automation engine that is included in our app (C#)
  • Some self-written console apps (C#)
  • Jenkins for CI and launching the tests
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UFT is supporting Desktop applications but its paid, free for 1 month trial version. Used it long back …

I do, but the place I work at now were smart and build a OS portable UI framework into the UI to make it work on linux and windows, this GUI framework happens to have test automation hooks. So next time you see an app and a UI that looks just a little but too neat and proper, know this, it is probably cross-platform, and just might be automation-tested.

(To be a bit more forward-thinking on the cross-platform problem, if you have a WPF app, you should probably look at using react/vue and chromium and re-writing as an option?)