UI Test Automation tools for Windows

Hey all,

I’m looking for UI test automation tools, able to handle Windows applications.

Must haves

  • Can handle Delphi, WinForms and WPF UI components
  • Fast in execution

Many thanks!

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I don’t know much about desktop automation, but I believe WinAppDriver could handle all that:

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How about QF-Test?
I use it since year for Java, but it states also Windows Forms and WPF.
They have a very good support and are from Germany. Although its not free, the license costs is it imo worth.

One used to real programming might be astonishes that QF-Test is more UI orientated. The good thing is that you not only have to rely on the limited you, but can fill any gap with scripts.
But it has some other advantages, like a component repository connected to its record function, which compensate for that.



I met them at a conference recently, and the functionality seemed pretty limited to me. Their product demo did not at all convince me.

When they would allow to write the cases in code (aka develo), leveraging the endless possibilities of programming, they would remove one of my main pain points.

Just out of curiosity as a super-user of it, would you tell me some details what you perceived as limiting?
I have some superficial ideas and can understand that it can looks like that from a brief view (not saying your was brief).


I use WinAppDriver.

Here is a full compilation: Desktop App Testing – All Resources Compiled - Rahul’s Testing Titbits


What about Power Automate from Microsoft.


I’m also testing delphi desktop apps (along with other software). Ideally I’d like something free of charge that will help me with regression coverage on the delphi side.


Historically I used Ranorex for all web and desktop app automation.

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Have you thought of trying Ascential Test Discover AscentialTest | Zeenyx | Automated Testing Tool | Zeenyx

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Honestly, I don’t recall exactly.
Just that I got a quick demo, and asked them some questions, and based on that I labelled them as not fitting.


By all the compromises that all the automation frameworks I experienced are, I found this the least.
It has some pain points, but they are more minor to me than.

I have worked with:

  • Ranorex:
    • Description: similar to QF-Test, UI-based and the possibility to embed scripts / code, having component repositories (no need for POMs)
    • Assessment: more complex and cluttered that QF-Test which I prefer
  • Selenium/Appium with a unit test framework:
    • Description: code-based, you write everything as code. Necessity (and also freedom) to develop many need functions on your own, can
    • Assessment (was 5+years ago): Lacked many basic functions like reports, screenshots etc. therefore I had to develop them. Maintaining Page-Object-Models where my hell.

I hope this makes clear why I prefer QF-Test despite some limitations. At its core it is very good. :slight_smile:
Not saying it will fit everywhere.

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I personally use Appium

But you can refer to this info: UI Automation Testing: Best Practices, Tools, and Frameworks

[Moderator’s Edit: The above link links to a Tumblr page for a service provider]

Ranorex would get my vote. Good platform, but requires you plan all your test fixtures and organize and name things well to prevent pain as you grow. Their license model make it a bit dear though, best if you only have 1 or two GUI test engineers.