Training for quality management


My interest has shifted a bit from Software Testing and I have been working in a multi-role position for the past 3-4 years. Some of the roles/responsibilities include project/technical coordinator, release manager, quality engineer, software tester/lead/manager, automation engineer, system analyst, production system management & monitoring, technical product support, data analyst, developer, quality assurance, and assistance, internationalization and translation system management, etc…
I enjoyed the constant learning and making things easier or faster or better for the product, team, project;

I would like to know:

  • What training or classes are there available to learn about this domain?
  • What practices are there available and methodologies of work? modern ones are preferred…
  • Are there certifications worth doing in this area? which ones and why?
  • Are there any skills that I should separately develop? and ideas on how to?
    (Preferably from someone that has already made the change to this area.)

And a more sensitive bonus question/s:
What could be the salary in western Europe that could be expected?
Would it be worth the extra stress for the extra money?
Or should I stay in a well-balanced life/work position?

Potential titles/roles I look forward to fitting into are: quality director/manager/lead, quality assurance manager, quality engineering manager, quality auditor lead/manager, software testing, and quality manager.

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