Tuesday Talks: Embracing on Testing Quest with Enchanted Doors

"Imagine you’re on a quest to unravel the mysteries of testing :magician: and you encounter three enchanted doors :door:

  • One labeled BVA (Boundary Value Analysis) :ninja_navy:

  • Another EP (Equivalence Partitioning) :ninja_green:

  • third adorned with a Decision Table :ninja_brown:

If you could only enter one door :thinking:, which would you chose and why :question:

Share your magical :magic_wand: journey into realms of testing strategies & treasures :coin: you seek behind your chosen door."


If I could only pick one I’d go for Boundary Value Analysis. Those pesky bugs do like to hang onto those boundaries.

And conveniently as I open the door there’s a box named CRUD on the floor. I pick it up and combine it with BVA for a test heuristic combo power-up! :test_tube:

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