Unmasking Security: Seeing Through the Eyes of an Attacker with Saskia Coplans

Sixth to the TestBash Netherlands stage is @saskia talking about how security can be integrated into all parts of an organisations culture by thinking through the eyes of the attacker.

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Access the Q&A Session at 1:30 PM here:

What tool did you use for your slides? Tell me you didn’t manage that magic in powerpoint? :sweat_smile:

Often times, to get buy in from stakeholders about fixing security issues, you have to research similar products who’ve had breaches. Where are some good places to research this?

I didn’t realise there was so much to learn from the matrix. What other themes have hidden security lessons?

Fantastic talk Saskia, thank you.
Has any company flatly refused to do anything about a vulnerability you have found through your research at Digital Interruption?
Would there ever be a situation where you wouldn’t flag a vulnerability you found?

Do you have any advice on developing a Security COI, or creating a group of ‘Security Champions’ in an organisation?

Happy to come on the video to chat

Also, would Saskia like to come on Screen Testing?

The links shared in the chat by Saskia :grin:

The presentation about netflix mentioned https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/diannemarsh/the-paved-road-at-netflix