Useful questions to encourage continuous learning in your scrum team, what are yours?


I’m sharing those questions that could encourage continuous in your team
Source: Experiment: Make Learning An Ongoing Activity, Not A Scrum Event

  1. What Scrum event do you consider more important, the Sprint Review or the Sprint Retrospective? Why?
  2. If our team could stay together for only 3 more Sprints, what work would you definitely want to have done?
  3. What is a conversation we currently don’t have as a team, but really should have?
  4. Without thinking about any limitations, what is a skill you would love to learn?
  5. What is a book (fiction, or non-fiction) that you highly recommend to other team members?
  6. What is something you recently said “yes” to, but that you should’ve said ‘No’ to in hindsight?
  7. What is a moment you really appreciated being part of this team? What happened?
  8. What needs to happen to make this team your best team ever?
  9. What is an item on our Product Backlog that you honestly don’t understand the meaning of?
  10. What about Scrum annoys you the most?
  11. What is our best Sprint so far? Why? What happened?
  12. From whom do you receive the best and most valuable support, outside our team?
  13. From whom did you recently earn recognition and appreciation? In which situation?
  14. What is something we can automate that would make our lives as a team much easier?
  15. What is an organization or team we should visit because we can probably learn a ton from them?
  16. What should be the legacy of our team? How do you want this team to be remembered?
  17. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?
  18. What does being a good colleague mean to you?
  19. With whom in our organization should we have more empathy? Why?
  20. If you could take a week off, and work on anything you want, what would you choose?
  21. If you could take a sabbatical for a full year, what would you do? What’s holding you back to do some of it right now?
  22. What does psychological safety mean to you? How does it have a place in our team? What could we do to improve it?
  23. What is something we currently don’t measure, but really should, because it would provide us valuable data for our team ?

I think you’ll be interested in it because they offer new perspectives on how to encourage team to learn new things and you will know where to focus the most.

Let me know what you think below and what are the things you do to encourage the team to be a continuous learner ?


I think asking questions might be a bit to “aggressive” for some people, but for some it will work perfectly.
How are you going to ensure that people answer honestly? I’ve seen many retrospectives with people who don’t really want to be there and they’ll just nod and say anything in order to be done with it.

I recently saw people starting a book club internally. So they all read 1 chapter a week and discuss it for 30 minutes / week on Fridays afternoon. A small way of continuous learning. It’s less formal and helps everyone.


True what you said regardign questions, maybe everyone can adapt it to their team.
It’s not a standard, it depends on each team. I didn’t try any of it, I just discovered them today :smiley:
The book tip is interesting, it reminds me of Xtreme Reading between people.

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