Visual Regression Testing Tools for a CMS

Hello again.
I posted the other day (here) asking about UI testing tools for CMS systems, but have only just found the term for exactly what I am looking for… a visual regression testing tool.

Does anyone have any experience using this type of tool when using a CMS such as Umbraco? I am looking for something that we can use to ensure that elements are loading correctly when changes have been made to the umbraco site, perhaps by comparing how the site looks compared to previous builds. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I do not get what differentiates a CMS from any other web application like a shop.
I would not expect to need something CMS specific.

If I had to do this, I would use Selenium for navigating the CMS.
From the web sides I would create screenshots and either compare them directly or using ImageMagick for more detailed comparison (cropping, difference thresholds etc.)

I do not expect a ready-to-use tool out there.
All the parts are there and you have to stick them together by your own. Also need to develop the skills to do so.

It would also help to have stable data. Screenshots with always changing content make the automated regression checks more demanding.


The CMS is so different because clients are constantly shifting and changing the order of elements within the page. They could change the whole structure of the page if they choose to do so, which makes things a bit more tricky.

Your idea sounds interesting, and this might be better for me as I could have a lot of different potential screenshots to compare.

Thanks again :slight_smile: