UI Testing Tools for CMS systems

I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using tools which can be used to test user interface elements for a CMS.

I did see a forum post here which discusses the usefulness of automated testing in CMS systems, and the general consensus seemed to be that it is a worthy investment. While selenium could be used to write tests to find these elements, I am more interested in automated tools which could potentially run every time the CMS is updated and deployed.



You can also do this bei Selenium. Selenium is just the core library you build everything around.
Using “just” Selenium makes no sense to me.
I built up automation with “which could potentially run every time”.

Sure. A test runner like JUnit or so is helpful. That is basic to use Selenium.

When you already a setup for UI automation with Selenium the tools do not differ much for different application. One setup can test many applications.

Selenium is mostly a set of APIs to automate web browsers. You would always use a test automation framework with Selenium to development automated tests. And you would ideally always run your tests prior to deploying new versions. Usually this is done as part of you CI pipeline or build/deployment scripts.

So it doesn’t really matter whether you are using Selenium; if you want to automatically test your CMS whenever you update/deploy the CMS, this would usually involve a test automation framework + adjustments to your deployment/CI pipeline.


Two popular frameworks that may be of interest to you are Serenity (in the Java world) and SpecFlow (in the C# world). They both provide a framework that sits above something like Selenium which enables automation.

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For an off-the-shelf CMS I possibly would also look more wide, at RPA tools and not stick with the browser or “test” frameworks alone. More expensive, more brittle perhaps, but less resource investment.