What Activities Would You Hope to See at TestBash Careers?

I’m currently designing the programme for TestBash Careers, and there’s been lots of great talks submitted. But I’m also looking to add some activities to the conference, and I’d love your input.

What kind of activities would you like to see at TestBash Careers? The focus of Careers means things like:

  • Interviewing
  • CVs
  • Personal development
  • Salaries
  • Hiring
  • Managing your career
  • Performance reviews
  • Learning

So, I’m thinking things like:

  • CV Clinics. One to one sessions with a member of the community who will offer feedback on your CV.
  • How to create an appealing job specification. In groups/individual you have to create a job specification for a given role/context.
  • Live role plays where you try and negotiate a pay rise.
  • A session where you create your own learning pathway and we help you identify areas you should focus on.

These are just some ideas, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these, and any others you have.


Came here to say something like CV clinics. I think writing a good CV is hard and there’s a lot of contradictory advice out there. Bonus points if you can get people involved who are actually in the hiring business and can share what they typically like to see on a CV.


My first thought was an interview role play, Going through a mock interview and explain the best approach to potential questions. Also, some tips can be provided on how to prepare for interviews.

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+1 fo CV clinic
Also, a lot of people do not understand what type of prep to do when it comes to behavioural interview questions for QAs.

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Also, how about something on how to settle into a new company once you have got that next testing job?

I know from personal experience, it can be daunting, going into a new team, with their own set of acronyms for everything and their own version of the development lifecycle.

A survival guide for getting through those first few weeks while you get the lay of the land would be good.

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