What are some career options outside of Quality Assurance?

I’ve been thinking what are some career options outside of Quality Assurance if I’m looking for a career change.

I enjoy very much the exploratory testing aspect of QA and also have been learning how to code.

Learning javascript and had some developer training with some of the developers in my current company. Helped change and add small code in their existing codebase which was interesting. I learned how to use HTML and CSS as well.

I sometimes in QA help out with writing the documentation for features that the team can use. I would say I enjoy writing as well and enjoy it a lot also in my spare time.

Also find aspects of User Experience (UX) interesting as well. I haven’t had much management experience during my time in QA so I’m not sure if a project management, product management role would suit me.


I’ve had similar experiences, with a few extra roles I’ve dived into and worked in.

The easiest way to switch would be within a company you work for. Find out if they have an internal mobility program, and what options are available. Talk with the heads/managers. Help them with things they need, and want to do. Many of them are swamped with work. Learn from them constantly, and be interested in something else than your current tasks.
I’ve had 5 different colleagues or ex-colleagues proposing me different roles.
Unfortunately, the faith didn’t work in my favor, I refused some and some managers placed higher than the ones asking me to join refused to have an internal change.

Sometimes it can take a long time, 1-2 years after you express your intention and show you’re serious and gain experience until you can get a chance to join.

Nowadays, I doubt that you can join a new workplace with almost no experience.


I’ve found testers can move into the BA or PO type roles quite smoothly.
You develop strong deep understandings of products and the value they bring and appreciation of good/bad design. Etc


Considering your skills and interests, potential career options could include:

  1. Software Development/Engineering: Your coding skills in JavaScript, coupled with experience in modifying the codebase, make a transition into a developer role feasible.

  2. Technical Writing: Given your enjoyment of writing and experience in QA documentation, a career in technical writing could be a natural fit, especially if you appreciate clear and concise communication.

  3. User Experience (UX) Design: Your interest in UX, combined with your exploratory testing background, can be valuable in transitioning into UX design. Understanding user needs and having a technical understanding are beneficial in this field.

  4. Product Management: Despite limited management experience, your involvement in documentation and understanding of both technical and user-centric aspects could make you well-suited for product management roles. Your exposure to development and testing provides a unique perspective.

  5. Full-Stack Development: With your knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you might explore full-stack development. This allows you to work on both frontend and backend aspects of web development.

Consider exploring these options through projects or collaborations within your current company to gain more hands-on experience and see which direction aligns best with your preferences and goals.


If there was an intern position for a developer role in the current company, do you feel it would be good going for it?

Would be learning and shadowing with experienced developers and developing ones coding skill.


@avenger12 , As you are from QA, can suggest for QAOps