What are the best QA practices to keep up the speed and quality during continuous testing?

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Can you maybe add some context specific to your situation?

When it comes to best practices, this stuff is highly context-depended, what works well for one project might not work for another.

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Thanks a lot.
Let’s say I want to test a banking application. There’s continuous integration that needs to be validated.


Maybe would be more direct if you explain what problems are you having and what you’ve tried so far.


Some of the few things that most testers involved in quality assurance services tend to implement during continuous testing include:

  • Define tests early

  • Building unit tests

  • To ensure test coverage for the entire testing pyramid

  • Implement change impact analysis

  • Have the right test data

  • Use of shift-left approach

However, all these practices are certain general guidelines that work for all projects involving continuous testing. If you have any specific objectives, I would love to have the complete detail for answering the query.

Being VP of software, here is the article from my website that can help you understand more about the continuous testing: Explaining the Process of Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing