What do you like to add into a plan?

Hi folks,

I have another question to ask:

What do you like to add to a plan?

Although we may have similar responsibilities for planning automation, how we do it differs. We’d love to know what you add to a plan and why you add it. How does it provide value for you?

Thank you in advance for contributing. Your input is super valuable :robot:

I’ve never heard of an automation plan before… my assumption is that it’s an automation strategy? Throwing some ideas out there - an introduction section - the goal of what you’re trying to achieve, a section on who’s contributed (promote the whole team approach), approach (what you’re automating & value of doing so), any risks & issues (maybe there’s some technical constraints), frequency (plan on how often you will run the automation), any other business/topics…

Adding on top of what’s been said:

  • project costs/resources estimations;
  • milestones to achieve goals;
  • history, technical debt, the status of the current automation project/product;
  • what will not be done due to resources limitations;

I had a manager say to me he needed specific details: which and how many automation cases/scenarios will be done, by when, by who, how many per day, and with what specific technology, where will that run, how will it run, tools, license, configurations needed, links to test-cases & requirements, the moment of implementation, fit into the normal product development cycle, etc…

Sometimes you get to choose the plan, and sometimes you get told what’s in the plan.

Hi Mark

An “automation plan” aka a plan for the automation? I reckon you have the One Page Test Plan already in mind. :slight_smile:

Since you are asking what I would like to add into a plan, let me link to this:

( the template is also on GitHub) it has my best recommendation for a plan and helps to discern between what is businesses as usual, what is specific etc.

It’s my reaction to plenty of plan documents, that are very little about planning. Stop Writing Overdone Test Plans | Complexity is a Matter of Perspective Why do you need a separate plan for the automation? Your tasks and actions might be in Jira, Ado or in a project plan already.