Feature test plans

Hi All,

Does anyone else write feature test plans?

If you do, what sections do you have in them? I ask as I’m looking at changing a feature test plan template and looking for ideas…and where better to go than here :slight_smile:

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Hi Melissa,

I think you have lost a few of us with the overlap of feature/requirement test cases and a test plan.

Can you provide an example?

I am sure it will help the ideas flow in :wink:

Hey, yes, I was at first lost too - as normally I would write test cases via the a/c. However, the feature plan is to get you thinking about the feature in its entirety. Test approach, test data, types of testing you are doing, test environments you need, entry and exit criteria, closure activities like adding your tests to the regression pack to be automated.

I guess this is where the requirements are very loose and it’s up to the tester to make sure all angles are looked upon

Thank you for clarifying.

Based on your coverage, I would say you already have a good Test Plan. If it is a web application, I always include a section called ‘Test Tools’. It describes what tools I am using for accessibility, security, compatibility, load and performance testing as well as their respective exit criteria benchmarks. I think this also helps the business owners understand the complexity involved in providing a quality web application.

Oh and of course a glossary section, that explains what everything actually is, apparently OWASP is not self explanatory to non-testers. :innocent:

@melissafisher - This post is from 4 years ago :slight_smile: . Did you end up creating a feature test plan? Do you happen to remember which template or source you used for it?

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Yes i did - it’s the one page test plan. The One Page Test Plan | Ministry of Testing @raghu