What does leadership and parenting have in common?

We have @sheymouse giving a talk at TestBash Brighton ‘Leadership: A Parents Handbook’. It got us thinking, what do they have in common. So we took to Twitter and LinkedIn to as your opinion.

  1. The 5 types of crying (active listening):
    a. Hunger (feeding the team, learning)
    b. Tired (rest & breaks, fun team activities)
    c. Wants attention/play (praise, sandbox, safe envs)
    d. Is in pain (empathy, safety, support)
    e. Crying for no reason at all (an ear for venting)
  2. Planning and strategies
  3. Teamwork & collaboration
  4. Context switching & chaos
  5. Teaching, motivation and celebration
  6. You time
  7. Continuous learning
  8. Servant leadership
  9. constrained autonomy
  10. first aid and wellbeing
  11. consensus decision making
  12. communication
  13. influence
  14. getting out of their way / unblocking
  15. handling risks
  16. sizing and estimating
  17. socialising

Understanding whether your team/kids improve better through visual, audio, kinaesthetic information etc. Everyone learns and improves differently.

You keep seeing other people who just seem to effortlessly have it all together and you’re just a mess, but they’re probably thinking the same when looking at you.
Putting a lot of thankless work in now for massive payoff later.

Patience, understanding, empathy, reasoning, patience, determination, patience and patience

Take time to play.

Knowing when to stand back

And when to intervene :slightly_smiling_face:

Innovation and change

In both respects behaviours will be copied / taken as read that is the norm - both good and bad . Unbelievably important as a leader and parent to understand that ones of actions ( no matter how subtle) can have massive ripple effects . Therefore both of the need above need a massive amount of self-awareness about how you are perceived …

In my case I feel proud when someone from the team accomplishes something we’ve been working on for some time. I want them to get better in every way possible. I’m not a parent but I think it relates :grinning:

What can you add?

carpe jugulum
I feel like a parent in this job every morning.

  1. Junior developer has moved all their reviewed tickets into the testing column, but not specified the build they want tested.
  2. Ask, and discover that either the build is still building, or that the ticket has no actual exit/quality criteria and I have to guess what the risk is.

My state =

    1. First aid and wellbeing
    1. Getting out of their way / unblocking
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