MOT Brighton, UK - Leadership & Parenting - Shey Crompton - April 2021

Club post for the meet up from April 2021:

“Over 20 years ago, I became a leader. Over 10 years ago, I became a parent. And just about five years ago I realised how much of a cross-over there is between parenting and leadership skills.
This is a talk I’ve been working on to explore areas such as communication, mindset, and attitude where I can take my skills as a parent into the workplace in order to help team members on their journey.”

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Leaders eat last - Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't: Sinek, Simon: 8601300364124: Books

dang, I missed this. @sheymouse share great leadership lessons.

One recent revelation for me with my 17 yo, is that as he learns about cooking and cleaning and other self-reliance skills, I need to unlearn to inflict help on him. I have to accept that he will have to experience things on his own and I can’t be there always.

The same lesson applies at work when we do servant leadership and building self-reliance. :slight_smile:

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