Lewis Prescott to speak about learning to lead before becoming a leader

The brilliant @prescottlewis707 is to speak about an important career growth topic.

How do you learn to lead before becoming a leader?

It’s a topic that comes up a lot in the community. And Lewis will aim to answer that question during his live webinar Masterclass.

Masterclasses are Ministry of Testing’s monthly software testing webinars presented by testing specialists on highly relevant topics. All our Masterclasses are 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes set aside for Q&A, allowing attendees to master new skills rapidly.

The live Masterclass webinars are open to all, whilst the Masterclass recordings are exclusively available to Ministry of Testing Pro Members to enjoy and learn from permanently.

After this event you should be able to do the following:

  • Recognise the day-to-day activities of a tester which relate to leadership
  • Assess the skills used within meetings which are important for leading people
  • Identify how to setup/get involved in mentoring schemes
  • Identify opportunities to coach junior testers

Read more about the Masterclass and register for free today, via the dedicated event page. :link:

And if you have any questions in advance, feel free to add them here and Lewis will endeavour to incorporate them into his talk or answer them live during the Q&A section.


Thank you @prescottlewis707 for sharing so much with the community.

The following questions were answered.

  1. What are your tips to encourage shy/timid people to engage actively in team meetings?
  2. What ways of mentoring junior or associate testers have you found most effective in a remote setting?
  3. How would you handle working with someone who tries to lead by talking a lot?
  4. How do you help people set mentoring goals?
  5. When people personal goals can not be achieved due to their lack of experience, how to still empower them and help them improve skills needed? You already said, be carefull about moving up to quickly. But not everyone realizes that.
  6. What challenges have you faced in being a QA advocate and how did you covercome those challenges?
  7. What brings you the most joy about leadership? Did you ever imagine that prior to taking on a leadership role?
  8. Are you aware of GlueWork - could you mention some pro/con?

And we ran out of time for these questions:

  1. What’s a quick and simple way to get more involved with a community?
  2. Do you differentiate between a team leader or project leader?
  3. How do you provide your team members/mentees a safe environment where they feel free to try something they might fail?

:film_projector: A recording will be available in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the Masterclass Recordings page.

And many thanks to @gwendiagram for hosting. :smiley:

As described by Tanya Reilly in “Being Glue”

To lead often requires doing glue work and taking the initiative to do 3 amigos and your other examples. Sometimes these actions of informal leadership disappear - any guidance on that?

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